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still upset that the films never acknowledge that Peeta loses a limb in the first arena and goes through the Quarter Quell with a prosthetic leg

or that Katniss has suffered permanent hearing loss in one of her ears and now requires a hearing aid

or, you know, the Avoxes

because, you know, why show disabled people doing things

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How to: Astavakrasana or Eight-Angle Pose 

1. Sit with your legs straight. Remember to keep your back straight as well. Draw your shoulders back and stay here for a few breaths.

2. When you’re ready, bend your right knee and squeeze. I like to sit here for one or two breaths as well, but you can choose to skip that.

3. Bring your leg all the way up on your right shoulder.

4. Slide your left foot to the right. Cross the left ankle in front of the right and hook the ankles.

5 & 6. Lift your body off the ground, but in stead of focusing on lifting up, focus on leaning forward instead.

7. Straighten your legs and bend your arms. Pull your elbows in and squeeze your arm with your thighs. Stay here for 30 seconds to a minute.

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